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About Osmico


Progress requires forward momentum. This drive to move forward, to progress, to grow and prosper, requires infrastructure. Individual projects, albeit by large companies or the man on the street, connect to form a network that allows products and people to move forward. This constant movement is progress made visible.

Osmico provides specialist tools and advice in order to empower all to create their own forward momentum and growth, realizing the company’s vision of development. Osmico started as a small family venture in Bloemfontein in the Free State and as most success stories go, have grown into a well renowned and trusted supplier in plant hire, compact equipment, construction recycling and demolition. Osmico has the resources, experience and capability to operate on and deliver large-scale projects country-wide. Unique to Osmico, is also the desire to deliver to smaller projects, proving that everyone matters and all is needed in the growing need for progress and development.

Osmico provides specialist tools and advice in order to empower all to create their own forward momentum and growth

Osmico has proven expertise in the areas of construction, electrical, plumbing as well as storm water and sewerage networks. Processes and approaches have been built up meticulously over the past decades. This transfer of experience allows current team members to approach any project with the confidence that stems not only from their individual expertise but also from the long-term institutional culture on which this experience was constructed. To Osmico, the concept of instant service is as real as a take away service. Osmico believes that finetuning and scaling down what was previously large and unaffordable machinery, is a very real possibility which is reached in their business, daily. Individual responsibility is the primary requirement for every member of the Osmico team. Team members execute tasks to the best of their ability while drawing on the company’s established knowledge-base. The team operates from the point of view that individual responsibility is the core element for overall success. The Osmico team boasts expertise that includes project management, construction, safety measures and complete knowledge of all their equipment. All equipment is operated by a skilled and trained operator.

Creating solutions for development requires vision as well as practical skills. Osmico provides a calculated mix that enables the company and team members to be specialists while remaining firmly rooted in tradition. In this regard Osmico is a regular guy intent on improving the world. This can only be achieved by being confident and at the same time inspiring confidence in others.

Osmico is the spark that sets in motion solutions for development.







Social Responsibility & Community Involvement


'Solutions for development' not only encapsulates Osmico's approach to the company’s commercial activities; it also describes Osmico’s heartbeat. While driven to improve infrastructure in order to drive development, Osmico is also committed to empower communities to keep up with this development. Utilising the services of local labour and sub-contractors on all projects is one of the ways in which Osmico endeavours to improve local communities. This is an investment in the local economy as well as in the future of the individuals involved in projects. The skills and knowledge transfer that takes place during the implementation phase of a project means that local communities gain sustainability. Coupled with the infrastructure – roads, bridges, water networks – these communities are primed for a better quality of life.

Osmico is also committed to the social and economic upliftment goals of South Africa. Osmico continues to invest in employment equity, skills development, enterprise development and preferential procurement.




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