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Osmico is a multifaceted company that specialises in the requirements of the construction industry as well as private ventures.
Osmico adheres to the strict standards of the construction industry and plant hire sector and is committed to service delivery which is above reproach.


About Us

Progress requires forward momentum. This drive to move forward, to progress, to grow and prosper, requires infrastructure. Individual projects, albeit by large companies or the man on the street, connect to form a network that allows products and people to move forward. This constant movement is progress made visible.




Osmico is a multifaceted equipment and tool hire company with proven expertise in the construction industry. All projects are planned, implemented and executed in collaboration with the client in order to ensure that the client’s requirements are met every step of the way.




“Solutions for development” not only encapsulates Osmico’s approach to the company’s commercial activities; it also describes Osmico’s heartbeat. While driven to improve infrastructure in order to drive development, Osmico is also committed to empower communities to keep up with this development.




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